Ghost of Christmas Past

Can you believe it, January is almost over! I’m finally almost done with the handmade Christmas presents… Only a bit of sewing left to do for M’s mittens’ lining. But I’m not here to talk about that; I’m here to talk about the slippers I crocheted!

Remember this pic?

When I posted them, I promised a proper FO report when I’m done with the final one… And here it is:

Trio of Hexagon Slippers
Yarn: Assortment of sparkly wool blend from the stash
Pattern: Granny Slippers by Bernat Design Studio
Modification: Used DK weight yarn instead of aran weight yarn. Worked more rounds in hexagons to make up for gauge difference. Sewed a layer of faux leather and a layer of velvet to the top, instead of crocheting the sole.
Afterthoughts: These turned out well. Although I did not use it so I cannot evaluate that aspect, but it seems to be well in use. But it was pretty much a straightforward pattern that was easy to follow. If I have time, I would actually like to make a pair for myself.

I used faux leather for the bottom for a more polished look. Also, it should be less slippery and more hard-wearing.

I really like how the back of the slippers are dipped down… Raise your hands if you have a problem with the back of shoes being usually too high and chaffing your ankles!

I lined the inside of the sole with velvet for a comfort fit. I basically drew out rough shoe shapes, cut them out and sewed them to the wrong side of the crocheted tops… It was a bit fiddly because crocheted fabric is uneven and it was thicker-than-usual layered, but it went rather smoothly and quickly.

Also, finally got pics of L’s wool suit in action!

L is beginning to walk nowadays… And yes that is a tail hanging from the sleeves… I’m just too lazy to weave it in so I just tuck it into the sleeve usually. :P That is actually also true for a number of my sweaters and mittens… One day I will go through all of them with my tapestry needle and weave all of those tails in. Maybe when I wash them.

I’ve done another bit of sewing for L… I drafted the pattern based on an existing sleeper L has, sizing it up a little. This is all sewn up, but its a bit too big for L at the moment.

Another FO that has been completed last year, actually. I knitted this for my sis’ new baby girl. The top was knitted out of Marks & Kattens’ Eco Baby Bomull, which is an organic cotton. The colour is a dark coral pink. Afterwards, I added the ‘mesh’ at the neckline using crochet because I felt it too bare with just the cabled strap. The skirt was handsewed onto the top.

I also made a tulle-ish skirt for her.

They go well together. (:

The past couple of weeks had been spent in deep freeze here, with temperatures going below -30C (-22F). It was quite crazy but not unexpected.

Makes for nice phototaking opportunities.

Unfortunately, I don’t see much of this beauty living in the city. So when we went to the countryside last weekend, I took the opportunity to take some pics.

We had since had a bit of a warm spell (around 0C) and much of the snow had melted away… And freezing into slippery ice in the nights. Supposedly it is going to get cold again though.

Soon it will be Chinese New Year, aka Spring Festival. But it is going to stay Winter here for a while still. I have gotten in the spirit and baked some CNY cookies and a bit of Spring-cleaning.

Knitting-wise, I have started to continue working on a Kim Hargreaves design I started knitting when I gave birth to L… And made pretty good progress! The body is now done and I’ve started on one of the sleeves. I’m hoping to finish that soon, as well as clear up a couple of other WIPs. Then I hope to knit a couple of lace mohair cardigans and pullovers… This is going to be a garment knitting year! Something I have missed sorely.

And a Happy 2016!

Well, hello! Its been a while since I last wrote but you know what Decembers are like… Unless you, like me, are always taken by surprise when December events avalanches into your days!

But here we are, suddenly in January again!

Are you feeling especially pensive about the past and excited about the coming year?

A little bit of catch up before I go into reviewing mood…

This pretty little cake stand was one of M’s birthday gift* for me this year… He had actually gotten me a candy thermometer and then found out, a couple of hours later when he was baking my birthday cake, that I already have one sitting in our kitchen drawers. :D So we changed it and I chose a cake stand. I like how this comes with a glass cover with a glass birdie on top!

*The other was a massage candle, which was amazing! I am a glutton for massages and we light that candle every time we go sauna. The wax/oil is then used for massage.

At the beginning of December, my local friends and I decided to have a holiday cookie exchange. Because who won’t like to have an assortment of homebaked cookies for the holidays? So I had this giant tin full of all sorts of cookies.. There were Swiss, American, Middle Eastern and more!

This was one of the cookies I made for the exchange… A simple butter cookies with ground almonds. I also made some chocolate chips with walnut cookies, as well as coconut cookies (which you can see in the first pic of this post).

For L’s birthday party, I made the food myself as well… There were 3 kinds of pastries, a cheese platter, vegetable sticks with yogurt dips, some glögi (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and of course plenty of sweet little things like this mini lemon curd meringue…

.. And 3 flavours of macarons… Chocolate, Earl Grey with Salted Caramel and Coconut with Kaya.

It was a lot of food to prepare, but thankfully I had made most of them 2 weeks in advance (since they are freezable) because I came down suddenly with Norovirus that week. Thankfully it was well contained (by me being obsessively careful) so I did not spread it M, L or anyone else.

With the birthday boy.

This was L’s birthday cake. It was not a kid-friendly cake, though, because there was rum in it. It was a chocolate cake with cherries and a white chocolate frosting.

After L’s birthday, we began getting ready for Christmas.

M and I made a gingerbread house again.

As usual, it has ‘glass’ windows.

We placed a battery operated tealight candle inside for special effects.

I really like the star-shaped window at the back!

Not really Christmas related, but I made my first shashuka and loved it! It was introduced to me by a friend from Israel and after trying it at her place, I decided to make it for M. M likes it very much too so we will be seeing more of this in our meals. For those who are not familiar with shashuka, it is a dish of eggs cooked in tomato and paprika. It is easily a (delicious!) vegetarian dish but I added some bacon in ours.

The recipe I followed is here.

Oh, and did I mention that it is an easy and quick one-pot dish?! ;)

So, on Christmas Eve, Santa decided to visit! L was a bit afraid of M him though, unfortunately. Maybe next year Santa will come again if L is a good boy, and L will be more excited to see him?

This year, L is more interested in packaging than the gift itself. XD He is still in the phase where he is putting everything in his mouth.

The cake I baked for Christmas… It is a white chocolate and coconut cake with apricot jam.

I made the christmas presents again this year… House slippers for the ladies. Only 2 pairs shown here because I didn’t have time to finish the 3rd! I plan to do that this weekend though. Then I will post a proper FO report. These house slipper are lined with velvet and have a faux leather sole.

While we are in the countryside for Christmas, L was truly spoilt! Here we were going for a walk down to the lake. As you can see, we actually had (yet another!!) black Christmas this year. :( Even now, there isn’t much snow. However, the temperature is finally dropping so if it actually starts snowing, it should stick.

We did, however, have a storm on Christmas day… No snow though, but plenty of howling wind! The kind that goes on for days without stopping! We came across these frozen moss on our walk… Fascinating ice structures!

M, L and I spent our New Year’s Eve in the city again this year. I made a simple dinner – homemade ravioli/dumplings and pulled pork, which we had with a cocktail.

And then for dessert, some chocolate mousse from scratch… I have discovered that folding a bit of yogurt into chocolate mousse makes it more sturdy and adds a nice tangy hint to the mousse!

This year we were not so big on the holiday decorations… Because L is literally everywhere now. There was only this little shelf in front of the window that was safe from him, but now he had discovered how to get there, too…

On New Year’s Eve I decided to light a few candles. We basically stayed home, went sauna and played scrabble. But 15 minutes before 12, we sneaked out and took a short walk to the top of the ridge nearby and watched the fireworks. L was fast asleep when we left and was still fast asleep when we came back 20 minutes later.

New Year fireworks

All in all, 2015 had been a sweet year with lots of memories made. It is probably one of my least creative year, what with being occupied with L all the time. I was just looking through some 3-4 years old pictures on my spare SD card earlier yesterday and that made me nostalgic. I used to have so much time and ideas!

I have also decided not to do a FO count for 2015 (or maybe even in future?) since it had been such a crazy year that I had often gifted my handmade/handknitted items without even having the opportunity to take proper pics or record. Afterall, after making this, I was done for the year!

2016, however, seems pretty promising. I’m expecting L to be more independent and we are making plans that will hopefully turn out well in this coming year.

Have you made any new year resolutions for 2016 and what do you expect 2016 to have in store for you?

… And a few crafty projects!

First up, L’s wool suit is finally done!

Here without the zipper…

Here with zipper installed. I handsewed the zipper in.

Actually I finished it weeks ago, but the past weeks had simply flown by! In fact, I have yet to weave in the last couple of ends… Not in a rush since it had been historically warm here! We had one snowy weekend a couple of weeks ago…

Which was when I remembered that I had completely forgotten to write about another pair of mittens I had knitted recently! One of my mittens were MIA so I had to whip up a pair quick, a couple of months ago.

I used some leftover wool in my stash from Christmas knitting (socks) last year. Pattern was also impromptu, since I did not feel like actively following/referring to a pattern when I’m squeezing in the knitting in my very limited free time.

I ran out of yarn for the second mitt and had to substitute. Can you tell where the new yarns were joined in?

I have been using these mitts for the past couple of months. Though I prefer the yarn used in my previous mittens, I prefer the design of these ones more! They were fast to knit and relatively easy.

It was a snowy weekend… Which was lovely indeed. It had all since melted away, all of it!

I’m still holding out a hope for a decently snowy winter, though. M says he doesn’t remember so many (or any) black Decembers in his childhood.

Frosted tiny blooms.

A sprinkle of snow makes almost anything look more magical, doesn’t it?

There was barely enough snow that weekend to build a big snowman. But we did. :)

Last week I decided to sew a little suit for L. It is finished now, but I don’t have any pics of it to show yet.

In the last snowflake-along session, we blocked and starched our snowflakes!

We also sprinkled some glitter onto our snowflakes.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. M sneaked home while I was out and baked me a cake… But he didn’t have enough time to finish baking it so it had a sinkhole. :D We dressed it together at night.. It was (supposed to be) a sacher torte… I had jokingly requested him to bake me one for my birthday. And despite the sinkhole, it was a reeeeally delicious and rich cake. We shared it with friends and everyone liked it!

And this is the reason for my busy-ness the past weeks… It was L’s birthday yesterday! I made an easy no-bake white chocolate cheesecake for the celebration with M’s family (where we celebrated ML’s birthday as well) because I was recovering from a very bad bug (that had rendered me useless for 2 days and M had to stay home from work to watch L because I was completely out).

We are also having a birthday party with friends in the city tomorrow. I expect I will have a bit more time on my hands when that is done and dealt with! That and no more bugs, please and thank you!

This is as much as I can rush out this weekend… Which also happens to be the Finnish Independence Day celebration! What an event-packed week eh? More crafty stuff next time! Till then, stay crafty!

November Rain

We can really feel the effects of global warming here… It is almost mid-November and though it is grey and dark, we have yet to see any snow! In fact, it is drizzling right now… It is usually quite slushy now, snowing and slushing. (November October is called “slush month” in the native language, afterall) Not that I miss the slush, but it is inevitable so I’d rather it be now than Christmas time!

Snow or not, my birthday is coming, so I ordered some birthday yarn… And because its MY birthday yarn…

I can get really feminine colours! And of course in my favourite lace mohair. 
So far I have these colours (and at least 2 other from a purchase I made before this year) in Debbie Bliss’ Party Angel, which is a ‘party’ version of the plain Angel. “Party’ because these have a shiny thread spun into the core for a glitter effect. At first I was worried because glitter often go hand in hand with gaudiness, which I’m not the least bit fond of! But as you can see, the glitter is barely visible! Debbie Bliss Party Angel is even more subtle than Rowan’s Kidsilk Night (which was discontinued eons ago) and I like both much more than Rowan’s Eclipse. I have a few balls of Kidsilk Night in Ballerina Pink in my stash, that I’ve been afraid to use because it is discontinued and I like it SO much. But now I have the pink Party Angel, maybe the Kidsilk Night can come out to play… (The pinks are a little different. The Party Angel is more of a dusty rose and the Kidsilk Night is more of a very light foamy pink.)

We had a snowflake-along session again last tuesday and this is what we had at the end of the session. We used the 6-Point Century Snowflake pattern, which is a slightly more complicated snowflake than our first snowflake-along one. We didn’t manage to finish our snowflake – only got to one side of the last round. But it was a very interesting pattern because of the way the heart was constructed.

I made some peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes 2 weekends ago because I was planning a surprise baby shower for HK. It turned out that the baby arrived on the day of the surprise baby shower! Surprise was for us afterall, and baby shower canceled. So I brought these cupcakes to cell group meeting the next day instead.

I saw LA wearing a most fabulous looking (store-bought, but still really fabulous) ski-sweater at the cell group and while admiring the sweater, I found that it has a little hole at the elbow. Since he doesn’t knit, I offered to fix it for him.

I picked up the stitches at the nearest stable row.

Then I knitted it back up, in pattern, with yarn in the closest colour I have in my stash. Then I grafted it onto the next stable row, in pattern, using a tapestry needle.

I left a long tail and used it to reinforce, by duplicate stitching, other weakening stitches around the area. It was then that I realised I made a boo-boo when I was knitting the patch – I knitted 3 blue stitches rather than the 2 in the actual pattern! Oy vey! By then, the tail is so well woven in I couldn’t find it anymore.

It isn’t so terribly visible, right? Right?… Well, anyway, you can see how this awesome sweater looks. I believe it is designed with some elements from the traditional Sami costume. The Sami tribe is indigenous to Northern Europe and they still exist up in the north in Lapland.

I recently had a sourdough-along with a few friends and the starter we grew was finally ready to use this past weekend! I followed the recipe by VP (who is leading us in this sourdough-along). Mine is 1/3 rye with 2/3 wheat flour.

It was pretty exciting to see happy gluten strands in the dough!

By the way, gluten is not bad for you (unless you have celiac disease). Unless you have celiac disease (which is serious), following a gluten-free diet is as pointless as bringing a fur coat to Singapore.

We ended up taking an impromptu trip to the countryside so I ended up baking my dough a day late. (Those holes are cherry tomatoes that I’ve pushed into the dough).

The crust turned out a bit too thick but it is soft and holey inside! The taste is tangy and flavourful. I’m looking forward to baking my next sourdough bread with the starter and I hope this time I won’t have to risk over-proofing the dough due to delays!

On saturday, I baked a peanut-butter/chocolate marbled cake for M, TK and TH. (“Isät” is “fathers”.) The cake cracked in the oven (expanded too much on the top) so the buttercream was there mostly to cover the cracks. :D

Here is a random pic of L enjoying being rocked by TH, in the rocking chair with MK!

The woolsuit for L is still unfinished… But I’m on the second leg! After that, I will make a collar and add the closure… It is amazing how much time and attention a baby take! In the past, a small project like this would’ve taken 2 weeks tops!

Something else I’ve been meaning to share for a while (but kept forgetting!).. Sometime in the summer, I posted (all the way at the bottom of that post) about knitting for a baby photographer in town.  I have received some pics of the knitted props in action! (Pictures posted with permission from the baby’s mother.)

What a sweet looking baby girl, don’t you think? It is also very special to see the knitted items in action.

I have to dash now as I have errands to run before L wakes from his nap. Till next time, keep cozy and craft on!

Into the Dark

We are entering the darkest part of the year up here in the North and it is in these dark days that days and weeks seem to slip right through my fingers. There always seem so much to do, but so little to show for it or talk about.

I made this (sort of) macrame pot hanger because its cold enough that I want to bring the few surviving selected plants indoors but surfaces are very few now that L is mobile and actively grabbing everything within his reach… On pointed toes and streeeeetching his arms out as far as he could! He is a persistent one for sure! We have taken to putting our laptops on the back of the sofa (against the wall) and sitting backwards on the sofa to keep the laptops out of his reach. I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do once he figures out how to climb onto the sofa!

I have finished this wool diaper cover quite a while ago, but I have yet to get around to felting it… I may be delaying it subconsiously because I’m worried that the shape might not be quite right… The waist should be longer but knitting do tend to shrink more sideways when felted… Decisions decisions!

This is L’s wool suit.. Coming along slowly but nicely. It is actually a bit further along on one leg now.

Have you noticed – I’ve been playing around with the frames in photoscape today. :D

I recently bought a small ball of perle cotton thread. The original plan was to (finally) make a lace doily for my own home. But then Winter came. Snowflakes before doily!

In fact, I had a small snowflake-along session with a couple of my crocheting friends here… I initially thought we would be making snowflakes together but it turns out they have never done this kind of crocheted lacework before. So I ended up sort-of teaching them… With a very curious L hanging around us and our dangly threads! It turned out well enough, though. Although I somehow managed not to notice one of them accidentally made a star rather than a flake! We had quite a laugh when she finished it and we took a proper look at it, only to realise it was missing a leg!

I managed to finish this totoro shirt I was sewing for my nephew AN. I gave up on my machine when it started breaking threads and needles, after finishing the applique and finishing the armholes and neck… Ended up bringing it to HK’s and borrowing her machine to finish hemming it! I just hope it fits AN after all that trouble!

But last week I finally sent my sewing machine to be serviced and they did it rather quickly! Last night I managed to sew up a nursing cover for my sis (who is expecting a girl now!). After my trip to Singapore with L, I found out how difficult it is to breastfeed in public in Singapore because people are just not used to it. So a nursing cover should come in very handy for my sis. I’m so glad that when I do need to feed L in public here, nobody blinks an eye.

In case anyone is interested, I followed this tutorial for this nursing cover… I made some modifications… I did a 4x fold strap (fold in half, press, fold in halves again towards the center, press) and topstitched around rather than sew a tube, turn it out and then topstitch anyway.  I hate turning tubes out and my D-rings are smaller so the straps fit better if folded 4 times.

The fabric is a printed cotton. I had to go to the fabric store for this because I did not have any suitable print/type of fabric for this project. I love the paisley designs with the pink and mint. But not overly girly because of the grey! My sis is more of the Hello Kitty type but I hope this is cute enough for her!

While I was at the fabric store, I managed to pick up some printed cotton-silk that is super light and soft but not opaque. I am pretty excited to find some suitable blouse/dress pattern for it. Any suggestions? ^_^

Another crafty-ish thing… I got M to cut a few willow branches when we went for a walk last time we were in the countryside, and twisted the willow branches into a wreath when we got home. It is looking a little bare and scrawny at the moment but I hope to add things on to it and make a Christmas wreath out of it.. If I can find the time for it!

Speaking of time and pumpkins… I recently tried this excellent pumpkin soup recipe, which took almost no time or effort for plenty of really really yummy soup! No pics (that was how little time I had!) but it is really delicious! Modifications: Sauteed an onion instead of the garlic/ginger. Added some chicken (blended in) because I love how chicken tastes in soups! No seasoning apart from salt (only because M is having a cold and even pepper sets his throat off). Also, served the hot soup with some cheese shavings on top of it.

Alright, that is all for now. Hopefully L\s wool suit will be finished by the next post? In anycase, have a great weekend and Happy Halloween/All Saints’ Day!

Back Again

With so much to talk about/show, too!

Sorry about the abrupt disappearance – my laptop kinda broke (it was on the side of the sofa when M sat down and accidentally knocked it down with his elbow!) so I had to get a new one and then get it to work (actually I waited and M got it to work!). The new laptop came with Windows 8, which if you haven’t heard much about before, is terrible with things that pop up and slide around unnecessarily. M did his amazing work replacing this new laptop with a Windows 7 system, which I’m more familiar with. And then there was the search for a photo-editing program which almost didn’t work out until V recommended photoscape, which is perfect for the simple photo-editing I do (cropping, rotating, colour/brightness adjustment). Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good and free basic photo-editing program!

Anyway, it was otherwise rather typical Autumn days…

Except that I bought some yarn!

Some ‘fluff’ yarn. I had worked with one ball (more like a wheel though) of these unspun Estonian wool, which apparently is fantastic as reusable diaper covers. The first time I worked with it, I hated it because you have to be insanely gentle with it. The second time I worked with it, I kinda got the hang of it. This time round I bought 2 from the LYS, and then 2 more from a street fair that same weekend. The orange/green one is for little MJK and I have actually finished the knitting – just have to felt it a bit. I’m planning to make one for L and give this woolen reusable diaper a go.

My favourite online yarn shop recently had a sale so of course I bought more yarn… There is this offer where you can pick the shades you like and 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Party Angel goes for only $35. (And if you’re not fond of glittery mohair, the normal kidsilk mohair has the same offer too.) Oh, and did I mention free worldwide delivery?
(In case you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post!)

Anyway, of course I bought some grey ones… I have a grey mohair cardigan that I am wearing to death and I would love to have more grey mohair cardigans in the wardrobe. Well, to be exact, I would like to have many more handknitted lightweight cardigans in the wardrobe… They are just so versatile and useful! Anyway, I also bought some bright teal and light green ones so it isn’t so terribly drab. :D

Since she had some Bergere de France yarn on sale too, I decided to grab some. The Sonora reminds me of Rowan’s All Season’s Cotton… It has a dry velvety touch and I love the mild green. Perhaps a Spring sweater for L? The little khaki coloured one at the back is French merino, which I’ve been wanting to try out for a while. It feels nice, smooth and sproingy on the ball. Looking forward to knitting with that one!

There was also some Norvege in white, moss and dark brown. Nice fluffy yarn with more body than a lace mohair.

If you are wondering about the drab colours this time round, well, I’m trying to ‘man’ up my stash. Earlier on, I found myself having a hard time trying to find some yarn from my stash to knit something for M or L… I have so many pretty beiges, pinks, and other girly coloured yarn. Now that I’m not just knitting for myself, I suppose any new additions to the stash should help balance it out a bit!

Moving on, I mentioned showing some garments I’ve sewn.. Well, I finally managed to get some pictures! The pictures are decent, but oh so gritty (Finnish winters are not going to get brighter any time soon so I guess I simply have to get a better camera!)..

A blouse.

I have a Zara blouse that I quite like. But because it is so translucent, it is a constant struggle to find something to wear under it. I really like the cut of it, even though the armholes are a bit too big (as usual) and it had this elastic band at the hem that creates a pouf-y look. So I decided to make my own blouse based on that Zara blouse. I found a light fabric that isn’t translucent, traced a pattern out of my Zara blouse with adjustment to make the armhole smaller, of course, and also changed the hem to a hi-lo instead of the pouf-y one. I have yet to add the ruffled sleeves but I hope to have time for that soon, after sending my machine to be serviced (it kept breaking my needle or thread)..

I LOVE this blouse so much! I love the print, the fit and how comfortable it is to wear. I intend to make more of this blouse! (But first I have to trace the pattern out again, because L got his hands on it and ate part of it. :S)

Here is how it looks on me:




I tried it out with a belt, too, since the blousey look almost always makes someone look pregnant…



What do you think? Is it better with or without the belt?

And the next garment…

Last September, I bought and wrote about the Stylish Dress book. In Spring I finally got about sewing one of the designs in the book. I even brought this dress to Singapore on my trip… In fact, I sewed this dress so long ago, I don’t even remember most of the modifications I’ve made!

I used a lace fabric, which meant it had to be lined. For the collar I used a different lace fabric, which had to be lined as well.

For the hem, I cut the lace fabric longer so I could sew it to the lining and not have to worry that I didn’t cut very straight, because the lace fabric folds under.

The finished look is…. Rather maternal looking, if you get what I mean! When I cut the fabric I had chosen the size that is recommended for my size. As I sewed and tried it on, I had to ‘shave’ off the sides because it was simply turning out so big, I was swimming in it! I read that the sizes on Japanese patterns tend to run small, so I made sure to check for my size carefully. But I guess the style is just so very loose fitting!

The original design has elbow-length sleeves, but I changed mine to a short sleeve and sewed the sleeve hem together to make a slight pouf.

I look pregnant, don’t I? I assure you I’m not!



I wear it with a belt. Looks so much better with a belt, don’t you think?




The belt saved the dress. Now I’m not sure if I will sew anything else from that book. Well, at least not without plenty of modification unless I get pregnant again!

Something else crafty! I recently tried my hand at making some marbled trinket bowls using polymer clay and guess what? I’m hooked!

It is so easy to make, too! Take a few colours, mix together to create a marbled look, roll it out flat and drape it in an oven-safe bowl, bake it and then finish it, gilded edges optional! (Though won’t you agree that the gilded edge just gives it a nice updated look?)

I also gave the bowls a thin coating of varnish, which I always feel helps the colours in polymer clay pop and gives it a nicer finish than the plastic looking finish.

After a coat of varnish.

Just black and white creates a very natural marbled look.

I made this for my sis, who likes the Little Mermaid.

The dreamy look of the very delicate pink with blue and green swirls with the gilded edge looks so Little Mermaid-esq, don’t you agree?

A bit of an update on L… He is growing a lot and has begun expressing more interest in his mommy’s fascination with yarn…

As well as interest in getting into everything…

Putting anything in his mouth…

All in all, having a nice chidhood (at least that is what I hope)!

Winter is fast approaching Finland. The last leaves are falling and the temperature dipping. Christmas goodies are already in the supermarkets and….. I haven’t got ANY Christmas knitting done!


But I thought just as much (too busy with a boisterous baby) and decided to sew or do something apart from knitting this year. (Apart from M’s present because he had lost the Danish Poro hat, which he really likes! He asked me to knit another one for him and he is currently using his old Blue Wonder hat. I’m planning to knit him another Poro hat and matching mittens!)

And while I’m sending my sewing machine to be serviced, maybe (finally) a cardigan for me?… But first I need to finish L’s wool suit. One day, I will begin knitting for myself again… At least that is what I hope!

And that is all for now. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Till next time, stay cozy and craft on!

Mid-Autumn’s Eve

First up, the knit I started and finished last weekend:

Little T’s Poro
Pattern: Poro by me
Yarn: DROPS Karisma in brown and grey, approximately 0.5 ball of each.
Modifications: Added a pompom to the top.
Afterthoughts: I knitted the smaller size for T, who just turned 2 last weekend. It is a little big on L, who is (big for his age but only) less than 1 year old… Very quick knit, took me only about a day to knit, and that is with looking after an active baby!

Before blocking…

After blocking. The fabric is more uniform with less puckering after blocking.

A little big on L, who is playing with his new toy here…

… A rocking horse! I’ve always wanted a rocking horse for L. I think I was more excited than L about his rocking horse! He still needs help getting on/off and rocking but I think he will be able t play with it himself soon.

Another look of Poro on L.

Though most of the time I was struggling with this! L had recently learnt to remove his clothing. Which is at times funny and at times frustrating. :D I hope he won’t do that anymore when it gets colder, because it will be really difficult if we have to struggle to keep his hat/mittens on when it is -20C outside!

I like the combination of the brown and grey for colourwork so much that I’ve started another wool suit for L with it. I think it is such a handsome combination that reminds me of rocks and forests. L is currently still wearing the previous wool suit I had knitted for him last winter, but I doubt it will fit him much longer as it is already stretching a bit. (Another thing to love about knits… It accommodates a bigger range of sizes!)

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Mid-Autumn festival. I had just found out on Thursday, upon which I immediately began making some mooncakes.Thankfully, I had bought some paste for the filling when I was in Singapore in May/June so the process was much quicker and easier.

The mooncakes I made for this year. Clockwise from top left – Traditional (baked) green tea flavoured green bean paste, traditional lotus seed paste, Snowskin green tea flavoured green bean paste and snowskin lotus seed paste.

The ‘snowskin’s, which is kinda like mochi. I like these more than the traditional ones.

The traditional baked ones. These are more popular with my friends here, M, HH and TH.

Today I managed to go to the forest again. And I remembered my camera!

The leaves on (I think is) a blueberry bush turning “ruska”.

A mossy (somewhat mature) forest.

There wasn’t much mushrooms again, which is really strange because I see it everywhere in the city but somehow, there is none in the forest here this year. I did manage to take some pics of the few I came across.

This was actually a really small mushrom and I had to lean in to take this pic using macro.

A small toadstool. These are the easiest to spot in the forest, with their bright colour. Unfortunately, very poisonous.

The most interesting bracket fungus I came across today.

Lichen-covered fallen tree.

Another lichen covered branch.

I did not find a single bolete on this (albeit short) trip. :(

A wooly milkcap.

The wooly milkcap. Probably the prettiest mushroom I manage to spot this time round. It is edible after parboiling but I didn’t bother because there was only one.

Mushroom or not, it was nice to come to the countryside among the autumn coloured forests.

That is it for today. I hope that I will be able to take some pics of some clothes I had sewn for myself recently, in the next week. Till next time, happy Mid-Autumn!


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